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LIFE IS FOR THRIVING - to live fully, joyously, abundantly and creatively.

Release mental, physical and/or emotional pain and the illusion that life is out of your control.


the effective tools to reconnect to yourself and THRIVE are waiting for you and I am here to walk with you!


Trained as an Osteopath (M.Ost Hons), Naam Yoga Teacher, B.E.S.T practitioner and certified Energy Codes Coach and Facilitator, I aim to unfold your untapped potential for abundance in all areas of your life, for an embodied experience of your true self.

Welcome to the start of an inward journey, where healing, happiness and everything you have been looking for resides!

Wether you are experiencing challenging life stresses, physical health issues, relationship or financial worries, or looking to deepen your relationship with life, let's talk.


My purpose and passion is to be in service, stewarding those who are ready, into a reconnection to self.


Bringing my life's experiences working with the seen and unseen worlds, science and spirituality and the profound wisdom within the human body.

Reconnection to yourself by working with the raw energy of your life NOT the story, is an empowered base to navigate life’s challenges (wether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) and to start healing.

It's time to reconnect to ourselves so our relationship with life can become richer, multi-dimensional and magical!

Whatever is happening for you,

Feeling lighter in body, free'er of mind, mobile and pain free - are all possible.

Within you, there is a reservoir of vitality that knows how to heal.

Will you take the step and explore?


“We are what we are seeking”

Dr Sue Morter | The Energy Codes: 7 step system to Awaken your spirit, Heal your Body and Live your Best Life.

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I look forward to each Energy Codes Coaching session with Leigh as soon the one I’m in comes to an end! The tools I have learnt through some of the most challenging moments of 2020 have been invaluable for transforming my reality into an embodied more expansive, joyful and self loving one. Thank you!

Angelique | Canada