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Are you ready to deepen your experience of life?

Are you ready to know, that the only problem you have is the perception you have a problem?

Do you want to be free of mental, physical or emotional pain and the illusion that life is out of your control?

If you’re ready - the effective tools are waiting for you and I am here to walk with you!


Welcome to the start of an inward journey, where healing, happiness and everything you have been looking for resides!

My life’s purpose and passion - is to help steward those who are ready, into a reconnection to self.

Reconnection to yourself by working with the raw energy of your life NOT the story, is an empowered base to navigate life’s challenges and to start healing.

Trained as an Osteopath, Naam Yoga Teacher, B.E.S.T practitioner and certified Energy Codes Coach and Facilitator, I aim to unfold your untapped potential for abundance in all areas of your life, for an embodied experience of your true self.

It's time to reconnect to ourselves so our relationship with life can become richer, multi-dimensional and magical!

Experience working with the raw energy under the stories,

activating your innate healing systems and

the knowing, that life is ALWAYS working in your favour!

You will experience transformation on every dimension of your life and come to the realisation that,


Movement & Breath

Mentoring & 


B.E.S.T and The Energy Codes

Are You Ready For a Change?

Discover your innate purpose, heal and experience every day as a full and joyful experience regardless of external turbulence.  


B.E.S.T - Bioenergetic Synchronisation Technique and The Energy Codes principles and practices work with the raw, subtle energy underneath our stories. These techniques organise the electromagnetic flow of our body, increasing the sensory nervous systems perception at the core of our being which allows reprogramming of our beliefs, thoughts, actions and physiology to occur. This leads to healing on a profound level.

Healing, mentally, physically and emotionally occurs when unresolved emotion stored in the subconscious is released. A release reverses the effects of ‘defense physiology’ i.e. muscle tension, shortened breathing patterns, increased blood pressure …to name a few, which if unattended to over time, can spiral into injury and dis-ease states as the body becomes overburdened and over-tensioned.  

Incorporating B.E.S.T and The Energy Codes through in-person or online classes, consultation and coaching, facilitates the resolution of emotional states holding minds and bodies in patterns of contraction, that limit the human systems innate capacity for creativity, happiness, connection, health, abundance, joy and love.

 To see how these techniques can TRANSFORM your life........


“We are what we are seeking”

Dr Sue Morter | The Energy Codes: 7 step system to Awaken your spirit, Heal your Body and Live your Best Life.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

I look forward to each Energy Codes Coaching session with Leigh as soon the one I’m in comes to an end! The tools I have learnt through some of the most challenging moments of 2020 have been invaluable for transforming my reality into an embodied more expansive, joyful and self loving one. Thank you!

Angelique Baker | Canada