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Sandy Beach

Energy Medicine for Modern Life
Guiding you in, to align 


Soul / Breath

Heal.    Grow.   Thrive.

Address the root cause of your issues.
Put healing bac
k into your hands

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Science + Spirituality

Ancient wisdom merged with evidence based techniques.

Activate your natural healing abilities

Work with the ENERGY not THE STORY


Life is an inside job!

Everything is energy - thoughts, actions, beliefs, habits,  breathing, eating, loving, being angry... What you give energy to grows and either helps you heal or stagnate - the body follows the mind!

I'm passionate about helping you experience yourself and your challenges from this perspective, to find FREEDOM and HEALING with evidence based practices.

Life is an inside job where the more we know ourselves, consciously and subconsciously and are READY to look at life from this perspective, it all falls into place.

I work with;
physical body pain,
recurring physical issue

any area of your life you are not thriving in e.g.

body / self esteem issues


mentally stuck,

change of life (divorce),


and more.


Energy Medicine Tools


Bio-Energetic Synchronisation 



Personalised Healing Journeys

Everything is Energy
Change your energy | Change your life

My Specializations

Physical pain & injuries

Change of life circumstances

Chronic dis-ease

Stress & Tension


Limiting beliefs

Home: About Me

“We are what we are seeking”

The root cause of suffering lies in the impact of chemistry from thoughts, which are most often negative.
We can make ourselves sick if we want or we can make ourselves happy

Mountain Cliff Hiker

What Clients Say

B.E.ST  was completely surprising to me, I've been in pain for over a year. After 3 sessions I noticed a major reduction in my pain and I could feel myself being happy!

Olivier, New York

Home: About
Connected Golden Spheres


Discovery Call

It can be confusing to know where to start  - let's connect to identify where you are right now.


Get more with a package

A journey needs support and shouldn't bankrupt you.

Why Energy Medicine

Stress Free

Stress is a silent killer affecting every area of your life.
Experience freedom as your nervous system releases the energy related to stress.

Root cause 

Quantum science is showing the links between unprocessed conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs on our health, wealth and quality of life. 

Body follows the mind.


Energy medicine is supportive and complementary to other medical treatments, it does NOT replace them

Self resilience

Learn how to keep your energy moving with practical tools that instantly transform any upset into peace and opportunity. Healing your physical body, mind and soul. 


Remove time and location barriers with online as well as in person sessions.

Multi Dimensional

Everything is interconnected, experience shifts in all areas of your life by addressing the most pressing issues.

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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