My Story

​Hi, Welcome!

This is my virtual home and I’m so happy to welcome you here.

I've been guided since I was little to work with people, the body and the intangible thing that would always help open up opportunity and answers whenever I got out of my head and looked inwards.

I know without doubt my life path and purpose is to serve others but this was only genuinely unconditionally possible, after I was able to give to myself. 


I’m a consummate seeker of knowledge and enjoy identifying opportunities to up-level my life experience and that of my clients. It's a frequent topic of discussion among friends and family why I keep asking questions, reading and thinking deeply - I can only say, I'm wired that way, I love learning how to ascend the mundane, experiencing more of what my mind and body can do and exploring the realms of energy, multi-dimensionality and how these can be integrated into my body, my life and the life of others.

The early years without a doubt, guided my journey to learn and grow, as I needed a way to navigate the storm of my mind.

At 28, a nervous system overwhelm led me to Vipassana meditation, which was the start of a reconnection to myself.

It was Vipassana that is really the start of all that you see here and all that drives me to help others become aware of the power of the mind in health, healing, loving and living fully whole, healed and well lives. 


As a kid I knew I would work with the human body, not knowing it would evolve to so much more.

I started with a Bachelor of Sport Science (2003) then took a more manual therapy route training as a deep tissue sports masseuse (2005) while living in Europe. I used my skills as a soigneuse with track and road cycling teams in Switzerland and France.

Very quickly I wanted a deeper understanding of the human system, returning to New Zealand in 2008 to study Osteopathy.

The art and science of the human body was taught as it was originally developed - as a holistic health system taking into account not just the physical body but the mental, emotional, spiritual, chemical, and environmental aspects and their impact on how we feel... I was hooked!

Combining my osteopathy, massage, yoga skills, desire for knowledge and love of travelling, I created a freelance business in the super yacht industry (2015). 

It was a very fun experience of helping clients both at sea, on land and in local communities, feel at ease and at home in their bodies.


Prior to the start of Covid-19 in 2020 I was already on a diversification of my time and passion into Bio-Energetic medicine.

I began studying with Dr Sue Morter in 2020 to expand my understanding and application of what I knew to be true and knew could be helpful to so many in the unknown and fear generated during the Pandemic.


That was the start of a manifested journey to working with people all over the world, guiding them through effective stress and overwhelm reducing tools, that ignite our innate healing mechanisms and allow a life experience to unfold full of love, abundance and clarity that you are the creator of your life. 


BSport, Dip Sports Massage, BApp Sci, MOst (Hons), Energy Codes Coach and Facilitator,
Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T) Practitioner.
World travelling therapist and student of the human condition.


Coaching. Consultation. Education.

As a passionate believer in the possibilities of the human spirit to evolve to its full potential beyond the circumstances we have come from or find ourselves in currently, I invite you to start your journey of reconnection today. 

If you are an individual who would like support in any area of your life OR a group | business who would like to prioritise the wellbeing of their teams - book a discovery call today to find out how this approach can support you.

Let me help steward your journey to healing - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and accessing your inner wisdom and creativity through the work of The Energy Codes by Dr Sue Morter and Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T). 


About My Approach

How I Can Help

The essence of my work is to facilitate your reconnection to your essential self - bringing your life experience from the external world to the internal, which allows you to feel better in body, mind and soul.

The effect of an inner relationship is not limited but your personal relationships improve, you move into an awareness that your life can be whatever you desire and you heal on all levels - physical | mental | emotional | spiritual.

I incorporate an personalised holistic approach to each client, as everyBODY is different, at different ages + stages and with different needs | desires:

You can expect to be exposed to:


This approach to life is for anyone who would like to make changes, have support in areas that feel repetitive and challenging or who has ever felt like:


  • life is happening to you not for you, 

  • constantly running and short of time,

  • you're always on someone else’s time schedule,

  • not loving your job, feel tired and demotivated thinking about it,

  • feeling stuck in patterns of behaviour that you know you would like to change, but struggle too,

  • recurrent thoughts that 'everyone else has it sorted and you don’t',

  • your health isn’t where you want it to be,

  • something ‘just hasn’t been right since….’,

  • injuries don't seem to heal,

  • a sense of emptiness and/or lack of purpose,

  • have reactions of despair or loss at what you see on the news,

  • Covid got you down,

  • money doesn't seem to flow to you as it does to others…..

You as you're own healer and medicine cabinet

Identifying where in the body are the subconscious beliefs that put the handbrakes on

An expanded vision of who you really are

Practical and effective mind + breath practices to heal the physical body by aligning the energy body

Exploring the raw energy underneath the thoughts and stories

Self reflection in a non -confrontational but transformative way

Communication with your soul and how to use life as your healing tool

Self manifestation leading to physical manifestation