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About Me

Hi, I’m Leigh Townsend, a re-educator.

I assist those who are ready, to reconnect to their inner wisdom to discover true well being,

True well being:

  • A body that is mobile, pain free and able to filter life experiences.

  • A mindset that knows every experience is here to serve your awakening.

  • A balanced nervous system that can accept and allow emotional responses without reactivity.

  • A balanced diet in all areas of life.

  • An awareness that there is no 'quick fix' but a continuous journey of evolution.

  • A fascination with life.


I'm inspired by people and what it takes to live well in a world of complex ideas and structures.


My passion for serving others to live happier, more empowered lives, spans more than two decades working as a sports Masseuse, clinical Osteopath, Yoga Teacher and Energy Medicine practitioner. 

My passion and expertise is in the influence of the mind on the body and integrating the two.

I specialise in:

  • Getting to the root causes of mental, emotional and physical influences on pain, dis-ease, recurring injuries and trauma.  

  • Working with the energy of the body to support personal growth, moving through life challenges and reframing limiting belief patterns.


Certified Osteopath (M.OST. Hons), Certified Energy Codes Coach (Morter Institute), Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique practitioner, and Naam Yoga Teacher. 


I draw upon my own wisdom, experience and expertise to provide adults and teenagers with holistic integrative bodywork, energy medicine treatments, classes and coaching.

Grounded in deep listening, compassion, resiliency and self-empowerment.

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About : My Approach

My Approach

I'm a passionate believer in the possibilities of our human spirit to evolve beyond the circumstances we've come from or find ourselves in currently.

The essence of my work is to facilitate your reconnection to yourself - reframing your life focus and experience from the external world to the internal, creating space, freedom and healing.

Move into an awareness that you are creating your life, every moment with your choices, actions and reactions.

I will support your inward journey with appropriate tools and language while teaching you skills along the way so you ignite your own healer.

The benefits of an inner relationship are too numerous to list but your life WILL stabilise and flourish the more you anchor into the physical body.


I incorporate a personalised holistic approach to each client, as everyBODY is different, at different ages + stages and with different needs | desires:

You can expect to be exposed to:

This approach to life is for anyone who would like to make changes, have support in areas that feel repetitive and challenging or who has ever felt like:


  • life is happening to you not for you, 

  • relationship friction

  • constantly running and short of time,

  • you're always on someone else’s time schedule,

  • not loving your job, feel tired and demotivated thinking about it,

  • feeling stuck in patterns of behaviour that you know you would like to change, but struggle too,

  • recurrent thoughts that 'everyone else has it sorted and you don’t',

  • your health isn’t where you want it to be,

  • something ‘just hasn’t been right since….’,

  • injuries don't seem to heal,

  • a sense of emptiness and/or lack of purpose,

  • have reactions of despair or loss at what you see on the news,

  • Covid issues keeping you stuck

  • money doesn't seem to flow to you as it does to others…..

You as you're own healer and medicine cabinet

Working with the energy of the body NOT
the story


An expanded vision of who you really are

Practical and effective mind + breath practices to heal the physical body by aligning the energy body

Science + Spirituality - blending ancient wisdom with modern science backed methods

Soulwork -  practices and structures to support your journey

Self reflection in a non -confrontational but transformative way

Free Association - uncensored dialogue to explore the subconscious


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