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May 2023




3 Hours


Calling in those ready to live consciously and take their life to the next level by aligning their energy.

This is a two-part integrated event.

Part 1 – Guiding you IN – to align mind, body, soul and breath with consciousness exercises and movement patterns to open energy channels and relax the mind.

Part 2 - SOUND – The vibration from crystal bowls will relax and recalibrate you at a cellular level. The experience will resonate within your body to assist and integrate the shift that will take place. The vibrations from the sound bowls will stay in your body for up to 3 days continuing the healing experience.

**Bring a yoga mat, cushion, water bottle and a sense of curiosity.

Your Hosts

Leigh Townsend is passionate about re-connection to self, fusing conscious breath, movement, mudras and sound to support an inward journey. Leigh has twenty years experience working with the human body, is a bio-energetic medicine practitioner and a Naam yoga teacher.

Anne Barrowman is a channel, psychic, crystal bowl alchemist and communicates with animals. She uses crystal alchemy bowls to activate healing powers, working with the vibrational alignment of the time period and also the group collective.

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