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Let’s go deeper into it!

Join any of these events to take you further into your inward journey. Whether you're at the start or well on the way, you will find something here to support you through breath, movement & energy shifting.


- Awakening Consciousness

An experience to relax the mind, release stress, generate calmness, inner stillness and activate the senses.

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New course starts January 2023

Breath is Medicine

- 4 week immersion

Wednesdays 6 - 8pm

25th Jan - 15th Feb

Learn to become embodied - the act of living and breathing from within the physical body.


Experience the power and purpose of your breath.

Breath is the master of the mind, you will learn how to use it to access your self healing capacities to get unstuck, to build your dreams and to be united in mind, body and spirit, to live fully, abundantly, lovingly, deeply and joyfully.