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Naam Yoga unites the spiritual doctrines of Eastern and Western mysticism with ancient and advanced yogic practices.

The purpose of Naam Yoga is to raise one’s consciousness and to become universal in nature by acknowledging the divine essence in oneself, in all beings and in all sacred traditions.

Naam Yoga has two different branches - Naam the meditative and vibrational aspect and Shakti Naam Yoga. 

The word “Naam” refers to mathematically structured sound current present in sacred mantra and prayer from an extensive range of mystical backgrounds and traditions. As a yogic science, Naam Yoga combines healing sound current with powerful and distinctive breath work, dynamic physical movement and mudras (hand seals) that beneficially impact the body’s energetic meridian system.

Shakti Naam Yoga, a modern-day application of the practice of Sukshma Vyayama of the Himalayas, addresses the stresses and fast-paced living of modern times.  It focuses on deep breathing and stretching within yoga asanas, opening the meridians, stimulating the internal organs, expanding lung capacity, stretching the subtle body, and healing the mind. 

The practice of Shakti Naam Yoga focuses on liberating and activating the precious life force within the body so as to optimize mental and physical fitness. The human body runs on electrical potential. It is the force behind neural impulse.


This electric potential is the physical manifestation of Shakti and is the fifth element that enlivens all other systems within us.

The Energy Codes, by Dr Sue Morter are a collection of principles and practices that refocus and repurpose the mind to the bigness of you as an energy being, compressed into human form.


You are guided to unite the mind + body with the breath, animating the physical body, stabilising and balancing the mental and emotional bodies and connecting you to your innate wisdom - the spiritual body. 

The Energy Codes are unique merging of ancient wisdom with modern science, yoga philosophy and traditional healing modalities. 


Be supported in any endeavour or area of your life with the practical tools and principles of The Energy Codes as developed by Dr Sue Morter. Experience your life transforming from the first session as you become embodied and reconnect to your innate healing and creative sources.

Everything is energy including you!


Our human body is a system designed to receive high frequency Electro-Magnetic energy continuously, to have it rise up through the body and cycle around and around, and keep recycling through the inner body, through the inner core, out through the crown and around again and again.


If you were to take a snapshot of that cycling field it would have layers to it. A spiritual layer - pure energy, a mental layer - where thoughts are possible, it’s the energy where thoughts can occur. There is a a deeper layer than that, the emotional layer, where emotions can be felt and a layer deeper than that where chemistries are being generated, that allow it to be sustainable, whatever it is that we are continuing to project, create and perceive and decide what is true for us.


What is happening in any Energy Codes process is an integration of these layers so every component of your life begins to operate as part of a whole and not as individual parts i.e. the thoughts become integrated into the physical body and how it is feeling and functioning, the manifestation of desires is integrated with the emotions, the reversal of a health state is integrated with the thoughts, emotions and spiritual energies - we begin to see ourselves as a much greater organism than an isolated ego/personality needing to get it right, or fix a problem before life starts to work out for us, have more meaning or deliver the love we think is seperate from us. 

Discover how magnificent and powerful you are today!

You really are the creator of your life. 

Bio-energetic synchronisation technique is a hands on treatment coupled with muscle testing to bring your physical body and energetic system back into flow and communication, working with the raw energy of the body NOT the story.


When we experience consistent or sudden physical injuries, emotional stresses or spiritual crises, the communication between the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain can get shut down. It gets overwhelmed and this is a crucial part in why we can't seem to heal that old injury, live the life we fully desire and feel abundant and whole all the time. 

B.E.S.T allows that to happen - we work under the story and work with the energy of the body.


Try it out today and get your life going where you want it to be.

What would life feel like if you knew YOU HAD NO PROBLEMS, just the perception that you have problems!

This is what working with The Energy Codes and B.E.S.T allows you to not only know but experience.

This perception is due to 1) a limited communication on the internal wiring of the body and 2) an inherited world view that doesn't allow for a connection to the divine, where life is always working out in our favour if we will allow it.

We allow it by going inwards, bringing the mind and body into relationship, allowing life to be as it is and witness it's unfolding within us rather than from outside of us. LIFE IS ALWAYS WORKING IN OUR FAVOUR!

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