Naam Yoga unites the spiritual doctrines of Eastern and Western mysticism with ancient and advanced yogic practices.

The purpose of Naam Yoga is to raise one’s consciousness and to become universal in nature by acknowledging the divine essence in oneself, in all beings and in all sacred traditions.

Naam Yoga has two different branches - Naam the meditative and vibrational aspect and Shakti Naam Yoga. 

The word “Naam” refers to mathematically structured sound current present in sacred mantra and prayer from an extensive range of mystical backgrounds and traditions. As a yogic science, Naam Yoga combines healing sound current with powerful and distinctive breath work, dynamic physical movement and mudras (hand seals) that beneficially impact the body’s energetic meridian system.

Shakti Naam Yoga, a modern-day application of the practice of Sukshma Vyayama of the Himalayas, addresses the stresses and fast-paced living of modern times.  It focuses on deep breathing and stretching within yoga asanas, opening the meridians, stimulating the internal organs, expanding lung capacity, stretching the subtle body, and healing the mind. 

The practice of Shakti Naam Yoga focuses on liberating and activating the precious life force within the body so as to optimize mental and physical fitness. The human body runs on electrical potential. It is the force behind neural impulse.


This electric potential is the physical manifestation of Shakti and is the fifth element that enlivens all other systems within us.

  Suitable for all ages and mobility levels
Guaranteed revitalisation - are you ready?
All Christchurch classes are Koha. 

Mondays  6 - 7.15pm
Tuesdays  9 - 10am
Fridays    9 - 10am

 175a Waltham Road, Christchurch

Tuesdays 7 - 8.15am
Fridays   7 - 8.15am

The Space Matakana

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