Energy Medicine - The Future of Health

Everything is Energy, including you!

Quantum Science is proving what sages and indigenous cultures have held as central tenets of life for thousands of years - everything is interrelated and connected through the power of energy, small packets of communication that have the ability to create, destroy and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We are made of the same materials as nature and in returning to this awareness we are able to find balance internally that we can use to heal our bodies.

Where attention goes, energy flows!

We are similar to a battery on your phone, our thoughts are like apps, which left open running in the background, deplete and decharge the battery faster than if they are closed. If we are unaware of where we are spending our energy through unconscious thought and emotion we are depleting our battery for life without being aware.

What we focus on we have the possibility of bringing to life as our thoughts are very real. For example; Think of someone you are having a challenging time with, then imagine them walking into the room. Feel in your body where the charge or sensation connected to that person is - this is the effect of the glands releasing chemistry in response to the thought and the effect of the memory of that person feeding the power of the thought.

Another example - How many times have you thought of someone near or far and they then call you?

This is the interconnected web of humanity and nature created by energy. Energy is always moving as vibrations or as dense matter, depending on what you are looking for.

If we are focused on other people, the to do list of our lives, our jobs, the relationship, money and any other number of life experiences without an awareness of how the flow of our thoughts de-charge our bodies we are unknowingly depleting our bodies of a valuable and innate source of healing and creativity.


Awareness of your thoughts and where they are at is a huge part of beginning to work with your personal energy.

On a daily basis for 1 week start to notice when you're mind is on a runaway train of thought. Observe it then come back onto the task you are doing, take a deep belly breath at this point to help bring you back. No judgement just a recognition of how often the mind will jump onto a thought and unpack it in every direction before we become aware of it

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