How to Integrate The Energy Codes Practices & Principles

Central Channel & Belly Breath Integration

Below is an outline for a full day working with the EC practices along with some tips for integrating the work we have done with intentions, into your life, making them a habit vs something we do only when we're together.

From my own experience, at the beginning, the individual practices made sense but I didn’t know how to apply them all together to create a daily practice both on the mat & while out and about.

I hope you find this useful.

The KEY: 'Creating a new habit is about repetition NOT perfection' - James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits

The more you integrate the breath practices in your day to day, the greater the benefits you will observe in your physical wellbeing, mental calm, emotional stability.

Any questions or feedback in the meantime I’m always here.

Be your whole self day by day, enjoy.

Tips to accelerate the effects of the Energy Codes in your life.

  • Set aside time each morning to practice - you’re learning a new habit, its like a new sport, it takes time to embody & become automatic. The way you start your day is the way your energy will flow throughout it.

For one week try the morning practice below, before all engagement with the outside world and see if you notice a difference in the flow of each day, your presence, sense of security and capacity for generating circumstances aligned with your desires.

  • Set a reminder on your phone - train yourself to check in on the practices by using an alarm every 20/30 mins. You could chose one of the practices each day i.e. subject - object - subject or mula bundha (rootlock) until it becomes automatic

  • The mind is not a good notetaker - Write down your

- powerful intentions

- practices you are wanting to do

- the principles of The Energy Codes

Place these in multiple places where you will see them regularly - the car, the bedroom, bathroom.

When you see them:

Intentions - , repeat the words aloud & mentally, multiple times, visualizing & sensing them with your 5 senses as thought they have already manifested - you're training your energy to continue directing itself onto that

Practices - do them even if just for a short moment.

Principles - keep reminding yourself daily of the bigger picture of life & where you’re heading

  • Practice with devotion - the more you can cultivate the feeling of trust in yourself as you feel your way through the practices and work with the energy of you, the more you will see the layers of gunk deflecting your intuition, creativity, self healing & loving capacity fall away and life falling into alignment with you & what you want.

  • Watch the videos on the Energy Codes book resource page here - to help guide the breath & meditations.

Morning Practice

Before your feet hit the floor - just as your waking up

  • Central Channel Scan - breath through the channel and feel anywhere that’s blocked, focus the breath on that area with a curiosity and keep opening it up as you move the mind & the breath through it. When its open, reintegrate it back to the central channel

  • Set your intention for the day - can be a pre identified one from the wheel of life mastery or something you desire based on that days needs i.e. I am / I have effortless success in my meetings today

  • Ask for all that you need for the day i.e support, clarity of communication

  • Breathe to the belly 5 times.

Before you engage with the outside world & during the day. (choose one or all of these)

  1. Subject - Object - Subject

  2. Meditation - 5/10/15mins

  3. Three rounds of each breath work (you will learn more as we go through the coaching sessions)

  • Central channel with 4 anchor points - anchoring your energy home on the physical body.

  • Vessel breath (Belly Breath) - Creative Wisdom

  • Central channel with your 3intentions (repeat each one a minimum of 3 times) visualizing HAVING it vs wanting it. Use the recording if needed to experience the vibrational frequency of having vs wanting.

4. Movement for Embodiment

  • Yoga - with central channel breath

  • Sun Salutations

  • Chair pose

  • Spinal twist - each side

Evening practice

In bed - before you fall asleep

  • Central channel

  • Cellular resonance of love - generate the sensation of love by thinking of someone/thing you love, feel how the thought makes you feel, magnify the feeling to every cell of your body & then into the room, then call it all back in and let it land in your heart space.

  • Gratitude


  1. Everything is energy including you

  2. Your life is a reflection of your energy

  3. You are the creator of you life

  4. Your creation, your life is always expanding

  5. Your life purpose is to discover your creatorship

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