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The 5 Principles of The Energy Codes

Updated: Jan 28

1. Everything is energy.

My life experiences are a reflection of my energy. My energy depends on my circuitry. When I embody my truest, fullest self, healing is created in every area of my life as a by-product.

  • By working with the “energy” or felt sense in my body through conscious breath and attention, I can change the frequency of the energy that moves through my body and my life.

  • By working with the energy patterns, I can get underneath the “story” and activate the circuitry for living on the Front Side of the Model. By doing this I up-level my energy, the mind un-attaches from the story, and my life experience becomes more fulfilling.

2. The only thing that is ever happening is good

It’s all in my favour and part of my Bus Stop conversation.

  • I generate my situation to awaken myself.

  • My challenges are polishing me to help me find my authentic self.

3. I am the Creator of my life experience.

When we embrace this Truth, we gain tremendous freedom and power and live on the Front Side of the Model.

  • When we believe life is happening to us, we are living on the Back Side of the Model.

  • Where we place our attention determines where we gather and collect energy; where we place our creative power.

  • Knowing that love is the essence of the Soulful Self, I open my heart to love into all my thoughts and emotions.

  • My priority is to activate the circuity for love, to be compassionate, grateful, kind and forgiving to myself and others.

4. I always refer to “Subject” and listen to the voice of the Soulful Self.

I train my mind to find me—the Soulful Self, rather than losing myself on object - stories, experiences, other people etc

  • I train the mind to listen to the cues the body gives as I know the Soulful Self speaks to the body. I cultivate working with my “feeling body” (rather than my mental or emotional bodies) and build/activate circuits embodying higher frequencies. My desires fulfilled are a by-product of this.

5. I am a spiritual being having a spiritual experience in a physical dimension.

I am a multi-dimensional being engaged in the process of remembering and embodying the truth of the Soulful Self while living in a physical body.

  • I am unlimited potential.

  • I evolve through cycles of expanding and anchoring.

  • My thoughts, emotions, or beliefs are not who I am. They are energies I am currently working with and are reflections of my circuitry. I am

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