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“I’m grateful for Leigh and her ability to help guide me back into my body, I feel genuinely like myself for the first time in a long time” 

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Rob Tozzi
Property Management, USA

Testimonials: Testimonials

Louise Broughton
Professional Sailor

I met Leigh in Antigua, after 12 years of chronic pain, a session with her dramatically reduced my pain levels. After a number of sessions I was experiencing longer periods of pain free time, less medication & more LIFE!


Jess Raysbrook,
Professional Sailor

I don’t like being touched or worked on therapeutically but a treatment from Leigh was a game changer for how I physically, emotionally and mentally felt about myself. I love seeing her!

Gerald Sanford,

I came to Leigh with a shoulder injury & got much more than I expected. My complete wellbeing was nurtured & the connection of mind + body she brings to her sessions was fascinating & more importantly, effective.

Simona S,
Entrepreneur, NZ

ALSO !! My knee pain has completely disappeared and I can't get over it !! Miracle hands of yours!!!

Group Co-ordinator, NZ

Thank you for today's session. That was rather incredible!

Just keeps getting more amazing and wonderous.

FIS Council, NZ

Thank you for making the effort to come down to see me. It was great and feel really happy with what was achieved and very grateful for you

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