“I’m grateful for Leigh and her ability to help guide me back into my body, I feel genuinely like myself for the first time in a long time” 

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Rob Tozzi
Property Management, USA


Louise Broughton
Professional Sailor

I met Leigh in Antigua, after 12 years of chronic pain, a session with her dramatically reduced my pain levels. After a number of sessions I was experiencing longer periods of pain free time, less medication & more LIFE!


Jess Raysbrook,
Professional Sailor

I don’t like being touched or worked on therapeutically but a treatment from Leigh was a game changer for how I physically, emotionally and mentally felt about myself. I love seeing her!

Gerald Sanford,

I came to Leigh with a shoulder injury & got much more than I expected. My complete wellbeing was nurtured & the connection of mind + body she brings to her sessions was fascinating & more importantly, effective.