The Energy Codes

The 7 Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live your Best Life by Dr. Sue Morter


Are you ready to experience vibrant health, true joy, and a fully-empowered life?

Do You Want to Activate Your Full Potential and Wake Up to a Greater Version of Yourself?

This is an invaluable resource available to you through Coaching | Mentoring | Consulting |Retreats and Workshops. 

With The Energy Codes® principles and practices, you can transform your life.

Use this revolutionary and accessible seven-step guide — grounded in energy medicine, neurobiology, and quantum physics — to help awaken your true health and potential through energy healing.


Wether you are experiencing health or life challenges, The Energy Codes guides you toward seeing how life is always working in your favour including the parts of your history you wish hadn't happened or feel are holding you back. You will experience alternative ways of viewing your “story,” and determine what vibrational medicine is and how to use it every day to dissolve conflict, stress and the need to “control” life.

  • Address ego development and dissolution from a quantum perspective.

  • Embrace fear and befriend doubt.

  • Reframe the past, to empower the future.

  • Remove subconscious interferences to achievement and manifesting.

  • Understand the bioenergetics of the chakra system and its use

The principles and practices contained within The Energy Codes sheds light on limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions that have unconsciously jaded our experience of full potential and creativity. 

My Experience 

Dr Sue’s work has been instrumental in my evolution as a practitioner and as a seeker of knowledge on how to transcend the mundane of life i.e. transform the things that bored me about my own patterns, beliefs and behaviours which I knew were limiting my experience of life.

With a daily application of the practices within The Energy Codes, I’ve experienced joy, love and creativity on a level I knew was possible but had no idea how to attain…thank you Dr Sue!

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"A deeper trust comes from just spending enough time being present in the moment. In part what emerges out of that practice is a deeper trust in the flow of things."

Jai Dev Singh, Life Force Academy

Experience The Energy Codes

A option for any environment and every-body!

Wether you are on a personal journey of self healing/development, or are part of a organisation or group incorporating body mind medicine into your team, The Energy Codes is adaptable, effective and transferable to any situation. Uplevel your view and experience today!


What people are saying…..

“I’m grateful for Leigh and her ability to help guide me back into my body, I feel genuinely like myself for the first time in a long time” R. Tozzi, USA

“The pain in my hip went away after 5-7mins of focused breathing, after a year of being there. It’s amazing how working with energy shifted the block!” A. Davids, NZ

“I felt amazing afterwards and can see how this is what I’ve been looking for but didn’t know where to start!” K. Townsend, NZ 


Coaching | Mentoring

Personal wellness - Available online and 1:1

Being well is more than exercise, diet, rest etc. It is fundamental to live in our bodies, feel our emotions and engage with compassionate people who have done their ‘work’.

The Energy Codes by Dr Sue Morter is a nurturing way to support your self-exploration work.

Wether you are confronting a particular life challenge i.e. grief, divorce, upcoming exams, OR wanting to explore a different perspective, wanting to FEEL different OR for any health reason….working with The Energy Codes can literally reframe and redirect your life flow.

Consulting | Education

Organisation’s and groups - Available online and 1:1

Looking to establish a holistic body mind approach into your team but unsure of the process?


The system of The Energy Codes can guide groups to a broader understanding of individual needs within the group and the role of the group in supporting the individual to enhance team cohesion, compassion, creativity, productivity and longevity in the workplace.

Image by Bekir Dönmez